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#41 - Alda O'Grady

Alda is a former Western Kin grad and is now an Acting Research and Development Officer at Western University.

#40 - Christian Laidlaw

Christian is a former Western kin student who recently graduated from the Osgoode School of Law at York University and is currently finishing up his articling at Miller Thompson in Toronto, ON.

#39 - Anthony Pinto Da Costa

Anthony is a former Western Kin student who is currently working as a physiotherapist. He is also the creator of "The Canadian Physio Student" which is a platform dedicated to helping current and future physio students in Canada.

#38 - Dan Gebczynski

Dan is a former Western Kin student who is currently working as a strength and lifestyle coach at MVMT Strength in London, ON.

#37 - Molly Hansen

Molly is a former Western Kin Student who is currently working as a Registered Nurse at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital

#36 - Seth Siegfried

#35 - Spencer Raposo

Spencer is a former Western Kin student. He is an R.Kin, entrepreneur, host of the "Making Kinnections" Podcast and Founder of Kinformation

#34 - Ryan Anderson

Ryan is a former Western Kin student, member of the Western men's Rugby team and is currently the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

#33 - Rebecca Dean

Rebecca has a BSc in Kinesiology and BESc in Engineering from Western. She currently works as a ride and attractions engineer with Universal Studios.

#32 - Dr. Molly Driediger

Dr. Molly Driedeger is a professor in the School of Kinesiology at Western University. Dr. Driedeger teaches the KIN FAST, SPHERE and LIFE movement modules.

#31 - Dr. Eva Pila

Dr. Eva Pila is a professor in the School of Kinesiology at Western University. Her areas of research include; Body image and mental health, emotions and motivation related to physical activity, mindfulness and compassion-focused interventions and weight-related conditions that impact women’s health (e.g., obesity, eating disorders, breast cancer)

#30 - Dr. Anita Christie

Dr. Anita Christie is a professor in the School of Kinesiology at Western University. She went from Brock University, to Amherst Massachusettes, to Portland Oregon before settling in at Western.

#29 - Nicole Baranowski

Nicole is the founder and CEO of Hairstrong. She developed came up with the idea for her product while taking the Entrepreneurship and Technology in Clinical Kinesiology course with Dr. Marc Mitchell.

#28 - Lirim Hajrullahu

Lirim Hajrullahu has a B.A. in KIN, M.A and M.B.A, he played football for Western, 6 years in the CFL (with a Grey Cup victory) and has recently been signed by the LA Rams of the National Football League.

#27 - Joanne Neilsen

Joanne is a former Kin student who recently completed the Compresssed TimeFrame Nursing program at Western and has been hired at University Hospital.

#26 - Dave Mackie

Dave Mackie is currently playing for the BC Lions of the CFL.

#25 - Shane Fishman

Shane Fishman is a Western Kin alum who is persuing a career in physiotherapy and...JIU JITSU! Shane is a globally ranked Brown belt and has won a myriad of large tournaments internationa/national tournaments.

#24 - Maria Mountain

Maria is former Western Alum, owner of Revolution Conditioning (London, ON) and GoalieTrainingPro.com.

#23 - Dr. Mac Ross

If you like sports history, grab a coffee (or a beer) and listen to this podcast

#22 - Kari Schneider

Kari Schneider is the owner of Empower Conditioning in London, ON. She has extensive knowledge in the area of High Performace Athletic Training.

#21 - Dr. Lindsay Nagamatsu

Dr. Lindsay Nagamatsu is an Assistant Professor in the Western Kinesiology program. Her research and teaching expertise focus on the effect of exercise on cognitive function and neural plasticity.

#20 - Dr. Jamie Melling

Dr. Jamie Melling joins me today to talk about research in exercise biochemistry and the Toronto Maple Leafs (just kidding... well sorta... we do discuss the Leafs a bit)!

#19 - ME!

This episode features.... MYSELF! I've had a good handful of people ask me to do a KINCast on myself, so here it is!

#18 - Taniya Nagpal

Taniya is a PhD candidate currently working in the Exercise and Pregnancy lab, working under the tutilage of world renowned researcher, Dr. Michelle Motolla.

#17 - Kylie Wasser

At the time of this recording, Kylie Wasser was a PhD student and Kin Management Instructor.

#16 - Kole Abbott

Kole is a former Western Masters student and Research Assistant. He is currently attending medical school at Wollongong University in Australia. In this episode we discuss Kole's interesting path to med school. We discuss hockey, MCAT's, nutrition research, LSAT's (Kole actually turned down an opportunity to attend Law School) and one of my guilty pleasures... Politics!.... Oh and of course, we discuss Med School!

#15 - Dave McHugh

At the time of this recording, Dave was the president of the KSA and 4th year student in the Kin program. He's now completing his Masters at Western.

#14 - Dr. Glen Belfry

"How is everyone doing???"... This episode features Dr. Glen Belfry, professor of Exercise Physiology in Western Kin.

#13 - Dr. Alan Salmoni

This episode features Dr. Al Salmoni, a now retired professor, researcher and administrator from Laurentian (my alma mater!) and Western Universities. He spear headed the new Kin mentorship program. One thing I learned throughout our conversation, is that he cared for the health and well being of his students, immensely!

#12 - Rob Caryn

Rob Caryn is a former Western Alum. He teaches in the Advanced Ergonomics program at Fanshawe College, works as part of a medical rehab team performing gait analyses, he was an instructor in the School of Kinesiology and most importantly... he is a fellow Foo Fighters fan!

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